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From time to time we get job postings and listings from professional associations, recruiters, and other sources. They cover a range of industries, business formats, and functions. We'll post them and keep them up for 1 full month. The Newtown Career Networking Group does not endorse any of these organizations and does not receive remuneration of any type from the organizations with which we cooperate to provide and distribute this information. If interested in any position, please contact the listing's contact person directly. Do not call the Newtown Career Networking Group.

Posted May 2021:

Various from Chris Grasso (Mar 22 2021)

Technical Specialist Intern - County of Bucks

PA Careerlink (Bristol) OJT - April 2021

PA Careerlink (Bristol) Hot Jobs - Apr 19, 2021

Various - Fres-Co

Operations (8) - Neenah, Inc.

Night Shift Security Guard - SEI

Aon Apprenticeship Program Details Program Brochure

Various from Chris Grasso (Mar 24 2021)

Various from Chris Grasso (Apr 26 2021)

Business Operations Manager

Technical Support Specialist

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis - Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spas

Various from Chris Grasso (Apr 28 2021)

Electrical Engineer - UTRS

Mechanical Engineer - UTRS

Project Manager with Pharmaceuticals

Cybersecurity Systems Engineer - UTRS

Systems Administrator - UTRS

Assistant Process Engineer

Various from Chris Grasso (Apr 30 2021)

Posted April 2021:

Parts Coordinator - Bosch

Customer Service Manager - Electric Bike Technologies

Various from Chris Grasso (Mar 29 2021)

Various from The Carney Group

Project Manager

Financial Accounting Analyst IV

Desktop Technician - UTRS

Cybersecurity and RMF Specialist - UTRS

Various from Chris Grasso (Apr 21 2021)

Property & Maintenance Manager

Various from Chris Grasso (Mar 31 2021)

Various - Roswell UMC

Various from Chris Grasso (Apr 7 2021)

Various from Chris Grasso (Apr 23 2021)